Oct 08


Did you know that SeaWorld San Diego has several conservation related initiatives that are behind the scenes, around our community, and in our park? Not only have we received the honor of being recognized as one of San Diego’s Recycler of the Year for 17 years, but we also have several other ways in which we are making changes as a company, starting with the employees, to conserve and reduce our carbon footprint. SeaWorld has a few programs set in place to empower employees to share their ideas on how to be even more “green” on a day-to-day basis. One of those programs is called “Sea It Say It”. “Sea It Say It” was developed for employees to communicate Safety and Environmental Awareness (SEA) suggestions that they may encounter as they are working.

Another program SeaWorld offers is the Environmental Grant program whereby employees can submit ideas on ways SeaWorld can save energy or water and/or make adjustments within the park to reduce our carbon footprint. Some examples of the projects that have been funded by this program include; replacing light bulbs with LED energy efficient ones, replacing fresh water hoses used to clean animal exhibits with recycled saltwater from Mission Bay. This year one of the projects I was involved in, with a coworker, was having our first water refill station installed at the park. The first time I saw a refill station I was at the San Francisco Airport and immediately thought to myself, “SeaWorld needs one of these!” Sure enough I got back to work, shared my suggestion, and found out that another team member had the same exact idea and we submitted it through the Environmental Grant program.

“The average person uses 167 plastic water bottles per year in the US.” http://www.statisticbrain.com/bottled-water-statistics/

That statistic alone was an eye-opener to myself and provoked my conservation pledge that I made on International Polar Bear Day; to always carry a reusable water bottle with me so that I do not have to purchase a water bottle when I need water. Now I can just fill it up! Well….YOU can now do the same when visiting our park and what’s even cooler is that SeaWorld just debuted the first refillable plastic cup made from plant-based materials. So you can bring your own reusable bottle OR if you want a SeaWorld souvenir you can purchase one of the eco-friendly reusable bottles and refill throughout your time in the park. The water refill station has a counting device on it so that you can see instantly how you personally are participating in reducing plastic bottle waste in our landfills by just refilling your bottle.

The title of this blog is 3fer because you’ve learned three ways in which you can conserve during your visit to our park. Bring in, or purchase a reusable cup during your visit to SeaWorld, fill it up at the water refill station and then brag to all of your friends how green you were at SeaWorld by sharing it on www.myactions.org. Think of Myactions.org as a, “Conservation Communication Website” to share and learn from your friends ideas on how to reduce your carbon footprint.

So next time you are visiting the park…..take a green selfie or as I like to call it a #GREENIE at our super awesome refill station (located by the Manta restroom) and then share on our SeaWorld Facebook page, as well as myactions.org so that all of your friends can learn how YOU are doing YOUR PART to protect and conserve our planet one ACTION at a time!