Sep 06

An American Success Story - The Bald Eagle

by Staff

It’s a success story to be proud of – the American Bald Eagle’s removal from the endangered species list. But this respected raptor serves as more than just a symbol of long life and great strength, it provides information on the health of our environment.

American Bald Eagle at Busch Gardens and SeaWorld

No longer threatened by DDT, the dangerous pesticide that almost doomed them to extinction over 40 years ago, the latest threat to these beloved birds is the loss of habitat. Humans have encroached upon most eagle nesting sites that fall outside of protected areas - resulting in 85 percent of raptor injuries and death from gunshots, collision with vehicles and power lines, and poisonings.

The Audubon Center for Birds of Prey was established in 1979 to protect this valuable species. The Center treats the largest volume of injured and orphaned eagles, owls, falcons, hawks and kites east of the Mississippi River. This totals more than 13,500 birds since its inception. Tending to 500-600 patients annually, the Center has become highly respected nationwide. Scientists and veterinarians seek out their expertise in providing emergency care, treatment, and rehabilitation to birds of prey.

The Center is focused on introducing audiences to the majesty of birds of prey - and the SeaWorld & Busch Gardens Fund has been pleased to support this wonderful operation since 2004.