Jan 18

Animal Spotlight: Commerson's Dolphins

by Staff

With its black and white coloring and porpoise-like shape, the Commerson’s dolphin may not look like a typical dolphin. You might even think they’re mini Shamus. Don’t let their coloring or size fool you! These high-energy dolphins have the same playful personalities as their relatives and even bigger appetites!

Did you know?
• Commerson’s dolphin originated from the first person to describe these interesting swimmers in 1967, Philibert Commerson.

• On February 21, 1985, the first Commerson's dolphin calf to be born in a zoological setting was born at our very own SeaWorld San Diego!

• Their metabolic rate is roughly double of other dolphin and whale species, which allows them to eat 8-13 lbs of food per day.

• At birth, Commerson’s dolphins are grey, black, and brown. As they mature, their colors become black and grey and then eventually develop into black and white.

These lively dolphins are usually found in the southern coast of South America and the southern waters of the Indian Ocean, but you can visit them at our very own SeaWorld San Diego and Aquatica waterpark in Orlando!