Sep 15

Big loggerhead sea turtle returned to waters off St. Petersburg Beach, FL

by Staff

On Wednesday, September 15, SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Team released a 320-pound loggerhead sea turtle to the gulf waters off St. Petersburg Beach, FL.

When the big guy was rescued by the team in May, he weighed only 269 pounds and was very weak, emaciated and covered with barnacles.

For four months, SeaWorld’s animal experts provided hands-on, daily care, nursing him back to health.

SeaWorld is a global leader in the rescue and rehabilitation of marine animals and their Animal Rescue & Rehabilitation Teams are on call 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. The SeaWorld parks have rescued more than 18,000 sick, injured or orphaned animals. To learn more about the rescued animals being rehabilitated when visiting the park, click here.