Dec 12

“Tortugas Marinas” Blog: Part 6 - By Yaritza Aponte / SeaWorld Orlando

It is Monday and we were back to work at 5:00 a.m. I found it very hard to wake up this morning after spending the weekend as a tourist - sightseeing, shopping and eating “normal” food. Since we have been working in the communities, all of the meals cooked by the families have been very traditional -rice, beans, and pork - things I normally don’t eat. So last night when I had dinner at Papa John’s Pizza, it was like a piece of heaven.

Dec 02

SeaWorld and Conservation Go Hand-In-Hand!

by Staff

Conservation is once again the big winner! SeaWorld San Diego continued its support of conservation and animal protection efforts in Southern California with its donation of nearly $5,000 ($4,812.02 to be exact!) to the San Diego chapter of the Conservation Fund.

Nov 28

Species Spotlight: Alpaca

"O Wondrous Night-The Greatest Story Never Told" is the all-new holiday show this year at SeaWorld Orlando's Christmas Celebration. It is based upon the Christmas Story told through the eyes of a variety of animals including the alpaca.

Sep 02

Busch Gardens and Cahoon Elementary – Taking Conservation to the Next Level

by Staff

Busch Gardens Tampa Bay and the Cahoon Elementary Magnet School of Animal Science have teamed up to provide students with a innovative, year-long program that will challenge children to strategize solutions regarding some of our world’s greatest conservation challenges. The project is called “Conservation Matters” and allows children to apply the abstract knowledge of Language Arts, Social Studies, Math and Science directly to real-life conservation challenges.

Jul 15

Lucky the Duck Gets Unhooked by SeaWorld Orlando’s Bird Experts

A few weeks ago, a Muscovy duck was brought to SeaWorld with a discarded fishing line and hook embedded in his mouth. Although we're guessing that at one time there was something tasty at the end of the line, this unlucky duck was duped like many other ducks who nibble on discarded fishing material. Helping animals both big and small, our bird experts jumped on the opportunity to help unhook this little guy.

Feb 14

Giant Sea Turtle Undergoing Life-saving Medical Treatment

by Staff

Another sea turtle life saved!! A 250-pound green sea turtle with serious injuries is on the road to recovery after receiving life-saving medical treatment at our SeaWorld San Diego’s Animal Care Complex. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administrative (NOAA) brought the adult male, named Bruce, to us Jan. 25. NOAA researchers spotted the animal breathing slowly, lethargic and pretty much non-responsive during a routine turtle survey in San Diego’s South Bay.

Jan 24

SeaWorld Orlando Caring for Two More Cold-Stressed Manatees

by Staff

SeaWorld Orlando’s rehabilitation team is now caring for its fifth and sixth rescued, cold-stressed manatees of 2011. Both manatees were brought to the park by the Florida’s Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

Jan 21

Meet Bridget. She's helping save sea turtles.

by Staff

Bridget Welch from East Islip, NY just loves sea turtles.

Knowing sea turtles need all the help they can get, the enterprising 9-year-old decided to sell friendship bracelets and donate all her proceeds to the SeaWorld Conservation Fund. It was her way to help make a difference in the world.

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