Jun 15

It's Camp Time at SeaWorld and Busch Gardens

by Staff

SeaWorld and Busch Gardens Adventure Camps encourage a lifelong passion for wildlife. The programs offer something no other camp experience can - the chance to work alongside the best animal care experts in the world for hands-on experience with animal trainers, veterinarians and animal care staff.

Busch Gardens Campers with a Giraffe

Apr 29

Busch Gardens Campers Contribute to Coastal Conservation

by Staff

Adventure Campers at Busch Gardens get more than just an awesome summer experience. They get the satisfaction of helping conserve the planet.

Apr 23

Giant Connections - Katie Timko, Animal Specialist

by Staff

As a Busch Gardens Adventure Camp counselor, Katie Timko saw first-hand the bond between zookeepers and the animals in their care. Now, she's making her own connections with some of the world's largest land mammals, working with the elephants at Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Katie Timko

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