Feb 11

SeaWorld Animal Rescue Team Returns Three Manatees to Blue Spring State Park

The SeaWorld Animal Rescue Team traveled to Blue Spring State Park in Orange City, Fla. yesterday to return three manatees after receiving care and rehabilitation at SeaWorld Orlando for the last few months.

Jun 15

SeaWorld Orlando Returns Kemp’s Ridley at Titusville Sea Turtle Festival

Over the weekend, our Animal Rescue Team returned a Kemp’s ridley sea turtle, the world’s most endangered species of sea turtle, to Canaveral National Seashore’s Playalinda Beach during the Titusville Sea Turtle Festival.

Apr 29

SeaWorld Orlando Participates in Earth Day Cleanup

Although we celebrate Earth Day every day at SeaWorld Orlando, each year our SeaWorld Cares team works on a local environment-project in celebration of our planet. This past weekend our SeaWorld Cares team assisted with a variety of land management projects, including invasive plant removal, at Nehrling Gardens. These historic gardens were established in 1885 by famed horticulturalist, Henry Nehrling.

Apr 17

CUTE ALERT: Two Rescued Pelicans Bond Together and Find Friendship at SeaWorld Orlando

For the past month, our Animal Rescue Team, including veterinarians and aviculturists, has been caring for two American white pelicans that were brought to SeaWorld for rehabilitation due to substantial injuries.

Mar 30

SeaWorld Cares Team Participates in Waterway Cleanup

SeaWorld’s conservation efforts go beyond its animal rescue, rehabilitation and return program; it extends to preserving the natural world around us. This month, a group of about 20 caring and dedicated SeaWorld Orlando team members participated in the Waterway Cleanup at La Costa Urban Wetlands in Orlando, Fla.

Aug 30

SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue Team Returns Two Green Sea Turtles

Two green sea turtles were returned to their natural environment by the SeaWorld Orlando Animal Rescue Team this week. On Aug. 29, the two were returned to the waters of Mickler Landing Beach near Jacksonville, Fla.

Jul 29

SeaWorld's Head Vet Provides Update on Once-Stranded Pilot Whale Now at SeaWorld Orlando's New Cetacean Rehabilitation Facility

by Staff

SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment Vice President of Veterinary Services, Dr. Chris Dold, was on site at the new Cetacean Rehabiliation Facility at SeaWorld Orlando to provide an update on how the newest resident, once-stranded pilot whale 301, is doing in her new home.

Jul 25

Species Spotlight: Light-Footed Clapper Rail Making a Comeback Thanks to Team Clapper Rail

by Staff

The tide is turning, for the good, for a small coastal wetlands bird called the light-footed clapper rail. Once common in the early 1900s, this species diminished drastically due to loss of habitat. The clapper rail is now considered critically endangered, but thanks to a group called Team Clapper Rail, all that is changing.

Jul 15

Lucky the Duck Gets Unhooked by SeaWorld Orlando’s Bird Experts

A few weeks ago, a Muscovy duck was brought to SeaWorld with a discarded fishing line and hook embedded in his mouth. Although we're guessing that at one time there was something tasty at the end of the line, this unlucky duck was duped like many other ducks who nibble on discarded fishing material. Helping animals both big and small, our bird experts jumped on the opportunity to help unhook this little guy.

Jul 05

What It's Like: Returning Sea Turtles to the Wild

by Staff

Recently, SeaWorld Orlando's animal rescue team returned three sea turtles to the waters off Florida's east coast. Each of the turtles had been cared for by the park's animal experts.

For a unique point-of-view, the team used GoPro video cameras and we think the look is pretty amazing. It's what it's like to help return now-healthy sea turtles to the wild.

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