Apr 22

Celebrating Earth Day: SeaWorld Orlando Rescues Great Blue Heron with a Soda Can Stuck on its bill

Late last week our Animal Rescue Team responded to multiple resident calls about a distressed Great Blue Heron wandering a local neighborhood with an aluminum soda can stuck on its bill.

When our rescue team arrived they discovered that the heron had pierced the aluminum can with its bill causing the can to be lodged around its head, creating minor lacerations to the bird’s face and eye. Immediately following the rescue our team was able to remove the can, however due to the sustained injuries the heron was brought back to our facility for medical care. Following an examination and antibiotics, the heron was treated and cleared for return within hours of its rescue.

Earth Day serves as a reminder of the importance of recycling. Animals can often mistake common items, such as plastic bags, aluminum cans and other products for food or natural shelter, which can cause illness, distress and even death. Always remember, don’t trash where you splash!

This Earth Day, find your own passion and make a difference in preserving the world we share. For more information on how you can help protect our planet, visit SeaWorldCares.com.