Mar 25

Manatee Appreciation Day - SeaWorld Orlando Returns Rescued Manatee Back Home

Today, our Animal Rescue Team returned a male manatee by the name of Streak back to the same waters it was rescued from. The manatee was rescued last December from Blue Springs State Park in Florida by our team and members of the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC).

Following his rescue due to cold stress, Streak was immediately transported to our facilities for acute care and rehabilitation. He underwent routine supportive care, including: blood work, radiographs, treatment for wounds and lesions, antibiotics, and also received fluids for rehydration. Streak began to eat very quickly on his own and gained almost 100 pounds throughout his rehabilitation period.

Today also happens to be Manatee Appreciation Day! Our team does their part every single day to make sure these animals are appreciated and well taken care of. This year alone, SeaWorld Orlando has rescued 24 manatees and returned 26 back to the wild. This is part of SeaWorld’s continuous efforts to help conserve wildlife and do its part in supporting this endangered species.

To learn more about our rescued and rehabilitated manatees, stop by SeaWorld Orlando and say hello to some of the rescued manatees that call Turtle Trek home. You can also book a Behind-the-Scenes Tour to get an up-close look at the area where rescued manatees and turtles receive their expert care.

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