Feb 11

Meet Watson: the Newest Addition to SeaWorld Orlando’s Tawny Frogmouth Family

SeaWorld Orlando just welcomed Watson, an overbearingly cute new addition to its family. Watson is the second tawny frogmouth chick to hatch at SeaWorld Orlando this year. The chick is currently being monitored closely by the SeaWorld Aviculture Team to ensure it receives the best care during its crucial first few weeks of life. Thanks to the team’s care efforts, Watson has escalated from his initial 0.4-ounce weight to more than five and a half ounces!

Watson is the sibling to the first tawny frogmouth chick that hatched at SeaWorld this year, Kabob (pictured below). Thanks to the amazing care from our aviculture team, Kabob has grown from 0.77 ounce to 6.3 ounces.

Want to know more about the tawny frogmouths? Check out these fun facts:

  • During the day, tawny frogmouths usually sleep in a sedentary position. When disturbed, they raise their head and stiffen their body, simulating a branch. This behavior is called "stumping."
  • Tawny frogmouths nest in trees, usually in the fork of horizontal branches. Their nests are made of sticks and sometimes padded with their own feathers, which they camouflage with lichen, moss and spider webs.
  • Tawny frogmouths emit a soft warning buzz, similar to a bee, when startled.

SeaWorld is a leader in care for tawny frogmouths and has one of the most successful breeding programs in the country. Watson is the 73rd frogmouth chick to hatch at the park since the program started in 1993. SeaWorld Orlando has partnered with several members of the Association of Zoos and Aquariums dedicated to help the future success of the species.

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