Nov 01

SeaWorld Orlando Returns Two Sea Turtles into the Indian River Lagoon at Sebastian, Fla.

This morning, SeaWorld Orlando’s Animal Rescue Team traveled to the Indian River Lagoon near Sebastian, Fla., to return two sea turtles that were brought to the park earlier this year.

Both of the turtles were rescued by the Sea Turtle Preservation Society from the Indian River Lagoon, and were brought to our facility for rehabilitation and care.

One, a 75-pound loggerhead, came to us in May with a large J-hook stuck in its throat. Upon arrival, the turtle received a health assessment, and it was determined that it had been living with the large hook in its throat for 4 years! The Aquarium Team administered antibiotics and made sure the underweight turtle was eating normally and gaining weight before being approved for today’s return. Kate Spicer and Janbel Green are seen here, returning the sea turtle to its natural environment.

That's not all... A smaller green sea turtle was also returned today. Extremely emaciated and lethargic upon arrival in early September, the six-pound turtle received antibiotics and was under close watch to ensure the tiny animal was gaining weight.

Janbel Green is photographed below during the second sea turtle return of the day. For more than 4 decades, SeaWorld has helped 22,000 animals in need -- ill, injured, orphaned and abandoned. € SeaWorld’s Animal Rescue team is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.So far in 2012, the SeaWorld Aquarium Team has rescued 35 turtles and returned 13.