Aug 30

SeaWorld’s ABCs with Geni

by Staff

Learning is usually associated with reading, writing and arithmetic. At SeaWorld, park Educators teach their own version of the ABCs----aquatic animals, birds and conservation.

SeaWorld Educator Geni Wright

Geni Wright has educated thousands of students, guests, and campers on these topics and more at the park's animal attractions and on behind-the-scenes tours. She sat down with us to share some of her experiences.

What goal drives your team?

We want every child and teacher who visits SeaWorld to experience something new. Whether we teach them something they didn’t know or show them something they have never seen before, we want each child to be able to take something amazing away from their time at SeaWorld.

What is the most unusual experience you have had as an educator?

I recently went on a manatee release with students from one of our partner schools. It was a great opportunity for us to see what happens after months or even years of working with rescued animals. Now, we can share our experience and teach others how to help protect animals.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job?

Listening to the kids blurt out to their parents and teachers what they saw and learned when they're picked up from one of our education programs. It really shows the impact of what we do.

What is your favorite memory from a school field trip?

Hearing the kids get so involved and excited in ‘voting’ for their favorite animal during our educational ‘Animal Auditions ’ show. The anticipation of what animal will come out next, and the screams for their favorite animal, make me smile every time.

What resources are available for teachers? is a great resource with everything from animal facts, classroom activities and information on field trips, sleepovers and camps.