Dec 16

SeaWorld San Diego Comes to the Aid of Baby Sperm Whale

by Staff

SeaWorld San Diego Animal Care team rescues beached WhaleSeaWorld San Diego animal rescues team, along with several park animal trainers and veterinarians, conducted a midnight rescue recently of a baby sperm whale that had stranded on the rocky beach 10 miles north of San Diego. The whale was estimated to be 15 feet long and weigh approximately 3,000 pounds. Although it was stranded, the whale was very energetic and robust After providing the whale with antibiotics, the rescue team was able to guide the young cetacean past the pounding surf into open water about a quarter mile off the coast. Once the whale was able to move freely, it quickly swam into the open ocean. The SeaWorld team was excited about the opportunity to help the baby whale. “We hope it will be able to reunite with its mother,” said Michael Scarpuzzi, vice president of the park’s zoological operations and one the rescuers. SeaWorld San Diego has rescued more than 175 marine mammals in 2010.