May 23

Species Spotlight: Bannerfish

by Staff

There are thousands of fish species, but one of our favorites is the bannerfish. These zebra-like fish will be one of the exotic species you can swim alongside while at The Grand Reef, Discovery Cove’s new, fully-immersive adventure. Let’s take a look at these fish…

Ocean to Ocean
A species known around the world, as they are found swimming around much of the Indian and western Pacific Oceans and elsewhere in many home aquariums (and now at Discovery Cove!).

What’s in a Name?
Although commonly called a bannerfish in many countries (the elongated dorsal fin reminds some people of a waving banner), this species is also sometimes called a coachman because of its whip-like tail. Another nickname for these striped swimmers is Wimplefish because of their resemblance to a German-style hat with a backwards-pointing feather.

Tiny Cleaners
Although these fish usually snack on plankton and brine shrimp, juvenile bannerfish often act as little helpers by “cleaning” larger fish as they pick off parasites from their bodies.

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