Jul 18

Species Spotlight: Penguins vs. Puffins, Battle of the Cuteness

Today's Species Spotlight highlights two of the cutest animals there are, penguins and puffins. Many people get these black-and-white birds mixed up. So, we’re here to set the penguin and puffin confusion straight. Check out the differences and similarities between these specialized seabirds.

Penguins: All 17 species of penguins can be found in the Southern Hemisphere on both temperate and sub-antarctic islands and coasts.
Puffins: Found in the cold, ocean waters of the Northern Hemisphere, all three species of puffins come onshore to breed.

Penguins: Penguins have wings but can’t fly.
Puffins: Puffins are flighted birds and can beat their wings 100-400 beats per minute!

Gentoo Penguin

Penguins: Krill, shrimp-like crustaceans, squid and fish make up these flightless birds meals.
Puffins: Fish and aquatic invertebrates are prime eats for these flighted puffins.

Swimming Styles:
Penguins and Puffins: Both birds propel themselves with their wings instead of their feet.


Penguins: These non-flyers have dense bones.
Puffins: They have hollow bones, so that their weight is reduced for easy flying.

Nesting Season:
Penguins: Nesting time is in winter for these guys.
Puffins: Summer is their prime time breeding season.

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Penguin Chick

Puffin Chick